La loi 2014-315 du 11 mars 2014 renforce la défense des Titulaires de droit de propriété industrielle victimes des contrefacteurs.

Désormais en cas de contrefaçon, les juges évalueront:

- Le manque à gagner supporté par le Titulaire

- Le préjudice moral qu'il subi du fait de l... read more
Thu April 03 2014

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Commitment Responsiveness and Competence

Prugneau-Schaub is a European IP Law Firm providing a full service in a wide range of engineer technologies (biomedical engineering, chemistry engineering – electrical & electronics – computer science – mechanics – control-command data processing systems & manufacturing) and business sectors from the filing to the enforcement of patents, trademarks and designs. Prugneau-Schaub is currently dealing with prosecution, registration and maintenance of any IP Rights in Europe and also provides advices for FTO (freedom To Operate) and Trademarks availability. Cease-and-desist procedures, infringement seizures, customs seizures and any other legal actions or ADR can also be undertaken by Prugneau-Schaub.

Prugneau-Schaub was set up in Paris on 1996 by Philippe PRUGNEAU and Bernard SCHAUB, both coming from the IP department of a multinational company operating in the telecommunications sector. Prugneau-Schaub is member of several national and international professional associations, such as AIPPI, INTAInternational Trademarks Association

The website of the International Association of trademarks attorneys informs about the rights in registered trademarks for the national and international business.

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Based in France, Prugneau-Schaub is ideally located in Europe to act as an efficient portal for representing clients from US, Japan, Korea, Taïwan, Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa before EPOEuropean Patent Office

The European Patent Office's website informs about procedure European patents granting, accessing lists of courses, seminars, conferences, official communications.

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, OHIM & FPTO (French Patent & Trademark Office).

Reactivity and skills to handle complex legal issues are keynotes of Prugneau-Schaub which makes an intensive use of IT tools including on-line filing. Communications made to Prugneau-Schaub IP Firm in the course of the professional relationship are privileged and the privilege covers communications to the clerks of the Firm. The privilege also covers statements made by the Firm to the Clients.

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